The Alligator is a male alligator's ghost currently haunting Gracey Manor.

Description and BiographyEdit

This alligator was originally a normal animal that happened to live in the swamps near Gracey Manor. One day, the Alligator spotted a moving shape above its waters — it was Sally Slater practicing her tightrope-walking act above the water. Soon the rope unravelled and Sally fell right into the Alligator's open jaws. She was killed instantly, but the Alligator did not survive her for long, choking on her umbrella mere minutes after. The spiritual energy from Sally's passing was enough to also stabilize the Alligator as a ghost animal, whom the now-christened Ally Gal eventually trained and adopted as a pet. The Alligator gained the ability to shrink down to its baby size, which made it handier for Sally to carry him around occasionally.


Index of Stories Featuring the Alligator


The Alligator is a First-Level Canon Character, as he famously appears on the Ally Gal's Stretching Portrait.

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