• MaleficiousVillain

    After seeing that there is an entire wikia dedicated to fanmade Haunted Mansion content, I thought that this would be a good place to contribute my variation on the (New Orleans) Haunted Mansion backstory. I do realize that most of this wikia is dedicated more to one fan's mythos but considering that this is still a HM fandom wikia and this is only a blogpost that there is no harm in contributing.  My backstory can also be found on the mainstream Haunted Mansion Wikia (along with that of CrackedMack).  Although my backstory is effectively complete, some of the bios may not be due to my not having gotten around to typing them out yet.  Please attempts to refrain from any disrespectful comments founded from disliking certain descissions whic…

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  • Scrooge MacDuck

    This… is just mostly a placeholder for the, uh, first blog post on this wiki. No particular topic in mind. Cheerio!

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