Claude Gracey, better known as Brother Claude, is a male ghost currently haunting the Haunted Mansion.

Description and BiographyEdit

The brother of Vincent Beauregard Gracey, Claude Gracey was always quiet sort of man. Chubby and somewhat shy of having grown up surrounded by such utter nutjobs as Vincent and Dorian, Claude married amateur artist Dorothea. Together, they were forced by the need of money to move back to Gracey Manor to live off Claude's brother's fantastic fortune. The two had a beautiful daughter, Emily, but both died in a carriage accident while she was still a child, leaving her to be raised by Vincent; Claude and Dorothea were buried in the Family Plot in front of the Mansion. Claude's ghost has come back, though he has found it hard to reunite with his daughter after being missing from her life for several years. He generally tends to avoid Gracey Manor, finding it to be much to crowded and wacky for his liking, preferring the quiet of areas resolutely out of the Disneyland Parks.


Index of Stories Featuring Brother Claude


Claude is a Canon Character.

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