KEL ASK 001 is a comic and ask answer published in 2014 on tumblr by Kelly Green.


Original AskEdit

EZRASGHOUL: “We Mansion Maids and Butlers just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful Hitchhiking Ghosts drawings. Yesterday we celebrated Ezra and Phineas' 100th Deathday, (Yep. According to their bios, they died on June 3, 1914), and we were sharing many of your Turbo-tastic creations across our Mansion CM facebook page to get everyone pumped and excited.”

Kelly's AnswerEdit

“No, no, thank you for the kudos, and also for the wonderful, kind messages you’ve sent me! And it was Phineas and Ezra’s 100th deathday you say? Why, I didn’t know that! Congratulations on a whole century of being dead, boys! Master Gracey must be wondering where his champagne glasses went by now.

Comic DescriptionEdit

A one-panel comic depicting Ezra and Phineas drinking champagne to celebrate their 100th deathday.


  • The "deathday date" referred to by Ezrasghoul is based on the Ghost Gallery's continuity. Whether these dates are accurate in the comics' continuity is unknown.