KEL ASK 007 is a comic and ask answer that was published in 2015 on tumblr by Kelly Green.


Original AskEdit

THE-PIZZA-DEMON: “Man, Constance must be livid right now. Overshadowed by Hatty biiiig time. And she can't even do anything about it! I mean, what's she gonna do, chop off his head? He beat her to it!”

Comic DescriptionEdit

Answering the last point raised by The-Pizza-Demon, Constance annoyedly notes that she doesn't have to aim for the head.

Author's CommentEdit

“She’s been taking the whole thing surprisingly well. She asserts that she never valued the attention from mortals anyway (unless one so happens to be handsome and fabulously wealthy, in which case, well, you know what they say about old habits).”