KEL TU 001 is a comic published on tumblr in 2013 by Kelly Green.


The comic features the Ghost Host in five poses.

  • The first one is standing up in a standard pose.
  • The second one shows the Host's head, wearing an expression of surprise.
  • The third one shows the Host, half-length, looking sarcastic, leaning in slightly and waving his arms.
  • The fourth one, also half-length, shows him holding his Hatchet while grinning menacingly.
  • The fifth one depicts him slouched down in a chair, drinking wine from a goblet in his left hand while holding the bottle with his right.


The fourth pose is based on the Hatchet Man portrait in the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion ride.

Author's CommentEdit

“First little batch o’ sketches (oh, there’ll be more); I figured I should start with the Ghost Host since everything should start with him.”


KEL TU 001 is the second piece of Haunted Mansion art Kelly Green published on tumblr.