Madeline Hatterfield (not to be consued with Madeline Bancroft) is a female ghost currently haunting the Haunted Mansion.


Appearing either as a light-blue-skinned young woman with dark circles around her eyes, wearing a wedding gown, the shy Madeline is one of the ghost brides "time-sharing" the Attic of Gracey Manor, although she has not haunted the Mansion since it was brought in Disneyland. Madeline is friends with nearly everyone and often sews them little gifts.


Mortal LifeEdit

Owing to Madeline's timidity, next to nothing is known about the shy bride's mortal life; however, her status as a ghost bride implies her death was related to some tragedy or other surrounding her wedding.


Madeline was among the ghosts who came to the Mansion after its haunting but before it was moved to Disneyland. Then, she occasionally haunted the Attic when the duty was not fulfilled by any of the other brides (Emily, Constance Hatchaway, Millie, "Spinster" or Emily De Claire II). The Ghost Host, however, despite his affection for her, found her scaring talents somewhat lacking, and discouraged her from doing it too often.

The Cat's WarEdit

Madeline, with her lack of complex ghostly powers, was an easy target for the One-Eyed Black Cat who relentlessly bullied her. The Cat had taken a special dislike of her after she well-meaningly offered to sew him paw-mittens. However, she did find the courage to help during the final battle against the demonic feline, helping the other brides contain the Axe Portrait Lady.

Recent AfterlifeEdit

After the Mansion was moved to Disneyland, Madeline declined the chance of appearing in the Attic but otherwise carried on as usual, becoming friends with some of the new ghosts who were invited to the Mansion. In 2016, she was unfortunately among the ghosts lost to the Great Unraveling, but was, like the others, restored by Madame Leota and the mortals.


Index of Stories Featuring Madeline


Emily is an Original Character who was created by Stacy Mills.

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